Genius Network®
Annual Event 2017

Strategies, Tactics, and Connections

To Build and Grow Your Business

November 3rd & 4th, 2017
@ the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Platinum Payment Systems

Whether you need to accept payments online, over the phone, in a store, or on a mobile device Platinum has the tools you need to be successful.

Sixth Divison

We Convert Small Businesses Into Success Machines and we help entrepreneurs build successful businesses so they can enjoy life as they see fit... Ready To Unlock Infusionsoft? We’d love to help. Request a free consult to see how we can help you crush it in your business.


.Live by

A .LIVE web address gives media companies, award shows, entertainment venues and promoters, and purveyors of live streaming and digital events a memorable and easy-to-find location for live events. We are committed to building the .LIVE brand through a combination of marketing programs, partnerships, and outreach initiatives.

The Newsletter Pro

Do you know the No. 1 reason why a customer would stop doing business with your company and start using a competitor? Most would guess price, but that would be incorrect.


Fully Accountable

Are you struggling with a good profit margin in your company? Are you running blind and guessing because you don’t know your real numbers? Do you have cash flow problems in your business? Wouldn’t it be great if you no longer had these burdens and cash wasn’t so tight? Wouldn’t it be great to achieve your target profit margins?



The Vasper 20-minute protocol is designed to provide hormonal optimization, giving you freedom to be the director of your health, improving sleep, energy, and wellbeing. The best path to optimal health and superior function is anaerobic exercise. But it is not always accessible. Vasper changes that. Anaerobic exercise, typically high intensity interval training or heavy weightlifting, breaks down muscle tissue which triggers the release of powerful regenerative hormones that repair the damaged areas. The subsequent benefits include improved sleep, cardiovascular health, glucose metabolism, muscle strength, metabolic function, energy, endurance and cognitive function.

To book a Vasper session during the Genius Network event use this link:

Strategic Coach

The Strategic Coach Signature Program - This is a rare opportunity to plan for the future, determine how best to get there, and strategize about what’s most pressing in your business right now. It’s a chance to gain new insights from people in other industries and other parts of the world. You’ll come away with prioritized, concrete action steps, new tools and capabilities, and a plan for the next 90 days.


Since 1984 Corporate Disk Company has been a trusted partner to thousands of clients to make and deliver information including media products, unique and elegant packaging, high quality printing, and global fulfillment. At Corporate Disk Company we aim to focus on providing solutions that our clients need in order to be successful.

Bulletproof Executive

The state of high performance, resilience and vibrant health where your body, mind, and life work together in unison, providing performance beyond what you’d expect.


Imagine relief from pain, stress and a better night’s sleep only a Float away. How many people get true meaningful rest? Long hours at work, traffic jams, anxiety and stress make it difficult to relax. Relaxation is a skill that must be learned, but how does one learn to relax with so many distractions?

The Draw Shop

The Draw Shop uses a unique proven method for producing stellar whiteboard animation videos. Our radically eclectic team utilizes precise formulas to make sure your audience is inspired to take action.


Lifebook – Write Your Own “How To Do Life” Book. Lifebook is a complete life-development system for creating your very best life.



The Best Assistants In The World!
The Leverage Virtual Assistants are the most impactful virtual project managers on the planet. Trained by productivity innovator, Ari Meisel in the famed Less Doing System, the Leverage Virtual Assistants are capable of tackling any task, be it big, small, complicated, or straightforward. From booking dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants, to building a brand-new website, the Leverage Team will complete your request in the most efficient, effective way possible—guaranteed.

Vital Choice Foods

Good health is our most precious gift, and nothing can support or undermine it more than the foods we choose to eat each day. Quality of food is everything. At Vital Choice we take great pride in offering you the very best sustainably sourced foods that are both delicious and promote exceptional health.

Dry Farm Wines

Our passion and life’s purpose is sharing the knowledge, extraordinary vitality and abundant pleasures of optimized health in whole natural living and wellness. Because wine enjoyment is an important part of our journey of living well, we search the globe to find world class, pure, whole, natural and organic family farmed wines that are naturally low in alcohol, statistically sugar and carb free for the very best of life optimization in wine enjoyment.

Engaged Officers

You're a successful business owner and entrepreneur. You've built your company with your own blood, sweat, and tears. You've climbed the lonely mountain to business stability hiring and firing many, many people. It's been a long road, but it's been gratifying. Surrounding yourself with successful entrepreneurs helps you push yourself and your team farther, but there's something missing...



According to Forbes, “80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers.” There is incredible power in using technology to communicate with your customers where they are, and creating deep and meaningful individual relationships that we call “customer love.” This is why I started Skipio.



Meta-Mind Offer Webpage

YOU RUN LIVE EVENTS … Did you know there is a NEW easy way to update critical information at the event … There is a new, easy way to poll and survey at your live event in real time… AND, there’s a better way to sell more and make offers more easily accessible to your event attendees?


Paul Colligan

Paul Colligan helps others leverage technology to improve themselves and broaden their audience with reduced stress and no dramas. He is the author of How To Podcast, Cross Channel Social Media Marketing, and the number 1 Bestselling “YouTube Strategies.” Find out more about consulting with Paul at

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The things I’ve learned with Joe have put $1 to $2 million net in my pocket.

That’s no exaggeration and no joke! You might be missing that one thing that takes your company from 12M to over 100M… 25K Group is the place you can get it.

Dean Graziosi
NY Times Best-Selling Author & TV Personality

With the brain power and the successful CEOs involved, someone already has the answer to whatever challenge you're facing, and you're just one phone call away from getting the answer.

Denise Gosnell
Gosnell & Associates

Risk Free

Your decision to attend is absolutely backed by our better than money back guarantee. If after attending the first full day of the Genius Network® Annual Event you do not feel you have received $250,000 worth of value to create exponential growth in your business, turn in your materials to one of the designated Genius Network® Team Members with your written notice and we will send you a full refund for the tuition for the event, plus up to $2,500 in additional travel fees.

If you are unable to attend after registration, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Call the Genius Network® Client Service Department at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $100 transfer fee will apply. Transferred tickets are not eligible for the Guarantee.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute contact our Client Service Department. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any future Genius Network® Event for up to eighteen months from your original event date.

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